I am so excited to see you in my new open air space!

  • I am fully vaccinated.

  • Before you can book an appointment you must fill out a form saying you are fully vaccinated or have a medical condition that prohibits it. You must provide proof of vaccination on this form. This form also includes a contract that you will communicate about any potential COVID exposure before your appointment.

  • I expect you to wear an N95, KN95 or KF94 mask the entire time that has straps around your ears not your head. If you do not have a mask I can sell you one for $3.

  • The salon is completely open air so please dress for the weather. No bulky hoods, collars, turtlenecks or scarves please.

  • I WILL NOT PROVIDE A BATHROOM. (unless you are dying or have an appointment exceeding 60 minutes).

  • When you arrive please wait in your car and text me that you are here.

  • I will text you when I am ready as I need time between each client to completely sanitize.

  • When you walk in please wash your hands before touching anything at the handwashing station by the door.

  • For color services I have a phone charger, beverages and snacks and WiFi.

  • I will also be in a mask, clean apron, clean cape, both doors and a HUGE window will be open with a fan on us. 

  • I use medical grade OPTIM ONE wipes on the chair and shampoo bowl before your visit.

  • I am washing all linens in hot water and finish with a steam cycle. Everything that touches your body has been freshly laundered.

  • Please do not bring in more bags than you can carry on your lap, no drinks.

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If the AQI is over 150 or the temperature is over 90 degrees I will shut the windows and d